Scarfo And Company CPA’S | Fox News: LEGALLY never pay income tax ever again by noted business lead…

If you Google “legally stop paying income tax”
noted business leader of America Veronica Grey, founder of is the ONLY person ever interviewed on TV on this subject. Her book “How to LEGALLY Stop Paying Income Taxes EVER Again” is a #1 bestseller on Amazon / Kindle (at the URL above).

Promotional Consideration provided by American Apparel, TIC Collective Talk Is Cheap Sunglasses and Tranquility Salon and Spa. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by those involved with this video WE OWN NOTHING!!!! Special thanks to everyone at KVVU Fox 5 Vegas especially Stephanie Jay, Monica Jackson, Cynthia Newdel, and Celina Tuason.

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you don’t need to be famous to become legally tax free and you CAN BE “FOR PROFIT:”

If you have seen stuff on YouTube or online about how to become a “Free Man;” reclaim your sovereignty by using freedom documents, REDEMPTION and Secured Party Creditors, this way is soooooooo MUCH EASIER AND FASTER. It doesn’t even compare.


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